…and then I died

Good news, everyone! Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!

I started out today still bummed about David Bowie, but found out that we have more in common than just being glorious sexy artistic geniuses. You see, today I found out from a credit card company that I am dead. (Surprise! I do think it’s a little rude that no one had the courtesy to tell me this when it happened.)

They expressed great surprise at not having any record of who told them I died, or when I died, but there it was on the computer screen–I’m dead. When the representative realized that the name of the person speaking to him was the same as the name of the (dead) account holder he did an actual double-take. After what seemed like hours on hold, I was able to assure them that I am in fact alive…as far as I know…I’m starting to feel less and less confident that being on the phone with credit card companies isn’t some sort of terrifying bardo, or even an outer circle of hell. It really starts to make you think.

The icing on this cake of weirdness is the soundtrack, a mashup of Rainbow Connection and Chubby Little Loser that has been stuck in my head all day. Somehow I feel like St. Ziggy would appreciate this.


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